MiniJets Lab

Multiple projects are currently underway here at Minijets laboratory. We utilize a variety of specialized equipment and knowledge to bring our visions to life. Research and development of mini jet engines, hybrid generative propulsion and our own proprietary airframes.

A newly designed 533N thrust (120lbf) engine is currently in production. This engine is specifically built with the purpose of mounting on one of our own unique airframe designs. 

The JM120X is a 105mm axial turbine with a 115mm centrifugal compressor wheel and measures 6.3"x18.2" Long. High efficiency compressor section (2.28:1PR) and Inconel 718 combustor. Utilizes Xicoy electronics and has a pressure output port for optional pressurized oil/fuel system. Completely designed and Made in the U.S.A with domestic materials. The engine is available for Pre-Order and will be ready to ship at the beginning of June. List For $10,850.00. Pre-order now and get a 20% reduction. Email for more information.

 Product specifications