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KP-35 Kit CAD Download

KP-35 Kit CAD Download

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KP35 Mini Jet Engine Cad Files, Blueprints, Renderings. 

Download Links To 15 Files Emailed Immediately Upon Purchasing.

This digital product contains the KP35 mini jet engine CAD design files in multiple extensions as well as Pictures, Video Links, digital renderings, blue prints, and parts sourcing information to help you design and build as many KP35 Mini Jet Engines as you'd like.

All CAD files are created using Fusion360 but are compatible with other programs.

Videos and tutorials and Information regarding tools needed for the KP35 complete build are available in the Members forum. Make sure you sign up!

Fusion360 CAD software available  here:

This digital product includes downloads for:

KP-35 Mini Jet Engine

CAD .STEP and .STL Formatted files and print Files for:

Front Nozzle CAD and Print

Diffuser CAD and Print

Axle Hub CAD and Print

Nozzle Guide Vanes CAD and Print

Outer Shell CAD and Print

 KP35 Bearing, Turbine wheel and compressor wheel type and sourcing information.

Final Build Guide


Downloadable CAD Files Default Format:

  • STEP (. step)
  • STL (. stl)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Other File Types are Available Upon Request

Specific file types available free for members by request. Just send us an email.

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