Nothing is in stock and hasn’t been for months… Also can’t even buy member pass (website won’t let me)…

  • Does anyone even know if this website is legitamate?


    all I wanted to do is build my own turbojet at an affordable price point but it seems that it's just another bait and switch.

  • Yes, I've bought a k35 kit from here, but other projects have taken priority so I haven't even fired this up yet.  Lead times can be a few weeks. 

  • It's definitely legitimate. I've been waiting as well, I should have bought my kit when they were in stock last year, hopefully they have something available soon.

  • @Patrick Arnold good to know, thanks. Communication to customers needs to be better though. Such as, when will they be back in stock? How many are being produced? ETC.

  • Hello Friends,

    Sorry for the late answer. Forum notifications are not working for me 😅.

    We are working hard to relaunch the sales by the end of Feb. we will keep you posted.

    Thank you for your patience,



  • @Mini Jets with all do respect what takes you so long to get back in stock?


    is it a matter of production? Do you not have enough parts on hand? Do you not produce enough? Does it take too long to produce your parts?


    why does this business not constantly keep listings in stock?

  • @Mini Jets Any updates on restocking?


    Thank you,

    • @Seth Tyson @Drew Turner The company has suffered through some growing pains. As demand and our ability to keep up with the demand has created a slow and painful delivery time. We are now outsourcing our parts and have changed certain aspects of the business to allow for better service and quicker turnaround times. We have a couple Kp35s in stock now and can ship within 3 days. We should be getting our parts delivered soon and will have a decent amount of stock available. The JM14s are also now available with a slightly longer delivery time of 14 days.


  • @Mini Jets thank you for the update. Are you goint to restock the JM66 as well (or anything larger)?

  • @Seth Tyson Yes, thats the plan. Well let everyone know here on the forum as soon as its available. 

  • @Mini Jets excellent! Thank you for the update!

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