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JM3.5 Micro Jet Engine Kit

JM3.5 Micro Jet Engine Kit

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                       JM3.5 Micro Scale Mini Jet Engine   3.5Lb Thrust Axial Turbine

This is a JM3.5 mini jet engine in kit form. Perfect for Foamies!

Ready to be assembled. A Fadec system can be added for auto start capabilities. 

 Bearings and Rear nozzle are included. Contains everything needed.

Build Guide can be downloaded HERE.

This Unit Can Be Upgraded to Auto Start. Using This Kit HERE.

 Included in this Kit:

Intake cover

Intake Nozzle


Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Exhaust Nozzle

Pre built combustor


Turbine wheel

Compressor wheel 

Axle Shaft

Axle Hub 




Fuel Fittings


                                   Length: 112 mm
                                   Diameter: 55 mm 
                                   Weight: 235 grams
                                   Nominal EGT:750Deg C
                                   Idle RPM: 98000
                                   Stop RPM: 70000
                                   Max RPM:235000
                                   Fuel Jet-A, Kerosene
                                   Lubricant Turbine oil 3%-5%

                                   Fuel comsumption: 85ml/min
                                   Max Thrust: 3.5 lbs


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