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JM66 Mini Jet Kit 20lb Thrust

JM66 Mini Jet Kit 20lb Thrust

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This is a JM66 Mini Jet Engine in kit form. Comes with everything needed to get up and running. Manual start and can be converted to auto start with Fadec. 


Nozzle Guide vanes, 66mm Turbine and compressor wheels, axle, axle hub, shell, diffuser bearings and necessary items. Exhaust nozzle sold separately. Includes completed combustor and fuel manifold.


A single-shaft engine comprising a single-stage radial compressor, compressor diffuser, annular combustion chamber, single stage axial turbine and fixed exhaust nozzle which can produce 20 pounds (89 Newtons) of thrust. Turbine and NGV are made of Inconel 718 which is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant nickel chromium material. The turbine nozzle is considerably smaller in diameter compared to the turbine wheel which increases the speed of exhaust gases and improves efficiency. The engine uses kerosene/Fuel Jet-A or diesel and jet oil lubrication. The aluminum parts are milled from a 5-axis CNC machine controlled by a 3D digital AutoCAD design.

  • CFD optimized, 3D AutoCAD designed engine
  • High efficiency
  • Low-fuel consumption
  • High Thrust to Weight ratio
  • Fast acceleration
  • Easy build-up


Imperial Metric
Max Thrust 20 lbs 9.0 kg
Nominal EGT 700 F 371.1
Idle RPM 32000 rpm
Max RPM 120000 rpm
Fuel Comsumption 14 oz/min 414.0 ml/min
Lubricant Turbine oil 3%-5%
Fuel Jet-A, Kerosene
Length 13.9" 378.4 mm
Diameter 6.2" 157.4 mm
Weight 2.9 lbs 1.3 kg





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